BC Superweek Brenco Crit: The Race of White Spot Primes

 Brenco Podium

Brenco Podium

Usually my best races are when I feel the worst, I have no idea why that’s how it works.  However, strangely this crit, the second crit of BC Superweek, didn’t work that way.  From the gun I felt great, it was weird.  It's races like these athletes train for, you kind of chase this feeling.  You feel strong and pain doesn't bother you.  You get into this zone where you can dig so deep and push yourself amazingly far.  

The Brenco circuit has changed from years past.  The organizers have shortened the route to about 750m (typically crits are 1-1.5km loops).  Personally I loved the new course, it was very fast and aggressive.  As with the crit the night before we knew that the first racer into the final corner would probably win since the line was so close to that final corner.  Racers can carry a huge amount of speed into corners and out of the corners due to this no matter how strong other athletes are there is literally no time for riders in 3rd or 4th position to over take those ahead of them.

Test Your Legs 

In crits it’s nice to test your legs a couple of times and to test other riders.  To experiment with when to launch your attack.  I was feeling really good, it was odd, so I took an early jump to test my legs and I ended up in a solo break off the front.  This was quite the fortuitous break, I was able to scoop up prime after prime.  I wasn’t originally intending for a break but once I had a gap the announcer kept saying, another prime for the next lap so I just put my head down and went for it.  I learned after the race that I had just won some $250+ of White Spot gift certificates (which is great, yet somewhat hard to divide amongst a team of 6 riders).  Once I was re-integrated into the group my teammates kept the pressure up launching spicy counter attacks. 

The final lap a rider attacked early and got a gap with 750m togo.  Another rider was quick to jump on this move.  I was slower jump and ended up chasing on the front the whole final lap.  Luckily for me I was able to catch the two riders at the final corner.  On that final critical corner.  Thankfully I was caring enough speed to come around one of the riders; sadly, I didn’t have enough to overtake the other rider in the final sprint.

I was proud I could take home the 2nd for the team.  As a rider when you have a team of 6 working to line you up for the sprint, any podium is a team podium.  I was grateful that I could reward everyone’s efforts with a plethora of White Spot gift certificates and the 2nd.  Despite the White Spot gift certificates I was hungrier then ever for a win.  If the team is going to put their trust in me , I truly wanted to deliver for them.  Since it was only the 2nd race at Superweek we would have many more opportunities’ to put the Red Jersey on that top step. 

Staying Hungry :D